The Story of Uhuru Pies

Building an independent Arican economy

For 30 years Uhuru Pies has reflected the most delicious kinship of African culture and African self-determination. Born out of the movement for African community-led economic self-reliance, Uhuru Pies has been a fundraiser for the past ten years in the Tampa Bay area. Uhuru Pies began 30 years ago in the San Francisco Bay Area using traditional recipes culled from the resplendent and resourceful African kitchens of the community and using only the freshest natural ingredients.
The pies were well received and provided immediate resources for projects initiated by the African-led Uhuru Movement. Uhuru Pies raised resources at bake sales, theater concessions and from the Uhuru Bakery Cafe to become the wildly successful, community supported annual Holiday Pie Event that it is today. In the mid-1990s, the Uhuru Pies holiday event became a project of the African People's Education and Defense Fund.
To this day, Uhuru Pies is still completely staffed by volunteers with a dedicated core group of expert bakers and production managers. It is a labor of love and a truly progressive project of the people -- each person bringing what they do best.
For many people, Uhuru Pies has become their new holiday tradition, from student groups spreading the word to the next class, to entire families working side by side in the collective spirit in the kitchen, and selling to friends, neighbors and co-workers.
We thank all of the wonderful supporters, who for decades have been bringing social and economic justice home for the holidays.